Architecture & Art Direction - Paris & Kigali


George turns 3 !

Wow , three years !

On the 4th of August 2011, we created George Pericles and started to advocate for cultural design. We thought that Globalisation doesn't have to rhyme with generic and boring. Three years have passed, clients and instituions have believed in our vision.

It has been quite a busy years ! A phenomenal one ! George travelled the world from Kigali, Cape Town to Kyoto and Nantes. It was quite a stretch !

We talked about urban planification in Rwanda and the future of Kigali at the Nantes School of Architecture. An amazing couple asked us to design a symbol for their wedding by the lake.

We have also been asked to design the visual identity of Rwandapedia , a portal funded by the African Development Bank. Meanwhile we went to Cape Town to showcase at Design Indaba New Rugo, an innovative social housing typology.

Rwandan Heraldry, our cultural branding project, made its international debut in Nantes at Pecha Kucha and in  Kyoto at the Kyoto City Internation Foundation, thanks to the Rwandan Embassy in Japan and Mobaylo

Last but not least we welcomed on board Sam to help us on East African projects and we delivered the plans for a beautiful villa in Rebero on the heights of Kigali.

We would like to thanks the clients, institutions and individuals that shared our vision and trusted us  !

It was a very good year !

Guillaume SardinComment