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Los Angeles.... Rebranded

When you think about Los Angeles, well you see mega-highways, huge cloverleaf interchange. You see the sun, you see the Pacific Ocean and the meandering canals of Venice Beach. You also see the mountain and the infamous Hollywood and the finishing touch the amazing Californian light and some palm trees.

Los Angeles has something nostalgic embodied into its DNA. It's a city of urban islands. Rebranding such a city is quite a challenge, rebranding it with its forgotten heritage is even a bigger challenge.

One of the first inhabitants of the Los Angeles basin where the Tongva and Chumash people. They developed intricate and complex symbols that where drawn on rocks, caves and weaved on baskets. Most of the patterns had a meaning.

At George Periclès, we have something for those under the radar patterns. We took two of them, twisted them and created a new flag, a starting point to rebrand the city.

Chumash and Tongva Rock Art

Chumash and Tongva Rock Art

A modern and fresh way to recall the native-american roots, while embracing its immense diversity, of one of the biggest US metropolis.

Learn more about the process on the Los Angeles Flag project page.