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Big in Japan ! - ジョージは日本に行く

It's official, we will part of the first exhibition showcasing Rwanda in Japan. The exhibition will be held at the Kyoto International Community House from the 16th of June 2014

Guillaume will be exhibiting, his project : Rwandan Heraldry - ルワンダ家紋 in Japanese, at least it's what Google translation tells us.

Some of you might ask : what is Rwandan Heraldry  ? "Rwandan Heraldry is a new way to graphically represent the local Rwandan History. The thousand hill of the country are full of tales and have been the stage of major historical and religious events. All those tales, this local history is being wiped away, forgotten.

We created an innovative way to revive and represent those events by combining traditional patterns and new symbols"


You can learn more here or if you speak French listen to Guillaume explaining it all at Pecha Kucha

We would like to thank the Rwandan Embassy in Japan, the Kyoto City International Foundation and last but not the least Mobaylo for making this exhibition possible.

So if you are around Kyoto in June. hop on the Kyoto City International Foundation.

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