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Kubaka - Furniture Design

Branding Rwandan's admistration using the local heritage

- Kubaka -

Kubaka is a furniture line inspired by Rwanda, developing a local luxury vocabulary. The collection is made of three pieces. A wall-table, a bed-table and a lamp.


Rwanda has amazing wood-workers; but still most of the furnitures are imported. We believe it's possible to use the Rwandan craftsmanship and the local culture to develop a new design vocabulary.

We merged local scaffolding techniques and vernacular knowledge. The result is  fresh and modern furnitures, rooted in the Rwandan context.

90 % of the materials are sourced locally. We develop partnership with local craftsmen in Rwanda.


name Kubaka
program Furniture Design

 year 2013

Yes, it’s possible to design and produce modern and quality furnitures. The key is to team-up with local wood-workers and train them to think outside the box


We teamed-up with Local Carpenters and Women Cooperatives. We shares and exchanged with them to understand what can be design-wise limitations and opportunities. The inspiration of the Kubaka line is the vernacular scaffolding.

We are using local wood and hand-woven traditional baskets. Kubaka is true to George Periclès vision of design : empowering communities and offering high-quality and innovative projects to the users.

Kubaka is the expression of a new path for Rwandan design. Bold, Modern and rooted in the country's culture, by blending modernity and traditions.

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